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Breath of fire, book 1

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This is a world where twins are not allowed to live. Seventeen-year-old Aluna lives in the shadows. She’s a pariah. She was born a twin; but since the Lord Regent has arrived in Iriah to reign as a tyrant, twins have no right to live. However, when she breaks an ancient law by accident, thus reviving a conflict with the neighboring kingdom, she finds herself being everyone’s main focus. Therefore, she will have to make a choice: pretend she committed the crime willingly and condemn her own family, or risk a war by staying quiet. Will she manage to maintain the peace without revealing her secret? This is Aluna against her world, herself, and an unexpected power…

    • Pages
    • 348
    • Auteur
    • Iman Eyitayo
    • Traducteur
    • Flynn Meaney, Winnie Agossou, Iman Eyitayo
    • Poids
    • 400
    • Genre(s)
    • Fantasy, Young adult
    • Age
    • 13+
    • ISBN papier
    • 979-10-96622-04-7
    • ISBN numérique
    • 979-10-96622-06-1
    • Prix papier
    • 14.50€
    • Prix numérique
    • 6.99€